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Twine : Listen to your world, talk to the Internet

Looking around the internet today I stumble upon a new Kickstarter project called Twine

It looks to me like a more user friendly version of the Arduino home hacking boards used for creating everything from Rubix Cube solvers to remote control cars.Except this project seems to focus more on the non technical hackers out there. Maybe people who like the idea of automating one or 2 tasks but don't fancy the effort or complications of learning the ins and outs of something as complex as the Arduino.

I wonder if more of these cheap home automation gadgets can make their way into more professionally sectors for replacing quite expensive data centre monitoring tools or to add a level of automation to certain tasks, like taking a picture of who is walking through a door and time-stamping it for security reasons. A lot cheaper and maybe more effective than a full CCTV system for your server toom

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