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Google's London Workspace

I'm back in London again for a few days, business as usual really. Meeting, socialising and generally trying to drum up some more business. After the fiasco of trying to get down here, (Train was cancelled due to an 'incident' further along the line  and catching the slow train from Chiltern Rail rather than Virgin) first stop of the day is to check out the Google workspace that I have heard so much about. According to the intertubes its not really run by Google but by another company that goes by the name of TechHub.


It has a few floors of open working space that you can rent by the month for your own permanent desk space with all the coffee you can drink or an annual hot-desk pass that is subject to a fair use policy. Floor -1 is where I find myself, sitting at a bar area with a selection of other people working away on the most Macs I have seen since I last visited an Apple store. Its free to come and work down here up until 6pm, even though -1 might congure up some images of a dark basement where they put the cheapskates who don't pony up the £275+VAT per month for a desk or the £375+VAT for a hot-desk it might surprise you. There are plenty of windows and a garden outside (not that I will be using it due to the great British summer produced for me the strangest of images from the train window earlier. A Farmer tending to his fields by boat).



Yet I think the reason this place is so packed in the early afternoon on a Monday is the free Wifi access. Holly smeg this is fast, 181Mb down and 99Mb up, and there must be another 100 people down here using it with me.

An apt time to update all my Steam games I think. All in all, sitting here and typing away to myself in a corner I could be doing in any coffee shop in the City. Yet I think its just that little bit cooler to say im working in one of Google's offices don't you think?


P.S. The coffee is also not bad :)

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