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Mega.co.nz and Megaupload

Its back! Well, not in the same form as it was before but the same service is back with a bang Megaupload is now just Mega.co.nz . If you are hoping that any of the files you may have lost with the takedown of Megaupload not all too long ago will be reinstated with Mega.co.nz your hopes will be falling on deaf ears. That data still exists, yet is tied up in the American legal system that Kim Dotcom is currently annoying with increased regularity. In short, it is never coming back.

The new Mega.co.nz , not only is giving a finger to the MPAA who were responsible for taking down Megaupload but has been a massive overnight success with just over 1million (yes, 1,000,000) sign ups in the first 24 hours alone, causing a few headaches for some poor sysadmins managing the data centers providing hosting for the service.

Mega may become a legitimate file-hosting and sharing platform with many uses for software hosting or large file transfers for the average user on the web. I must say that the new interface looks and works just perfectly. giving you just what you need in one simple page without any need to give away any of your own details.

Will the new MEGA turn a profit before it can be shut down again ? There are already plans afoot to try and freeze the payment systems of the new company. It may be a flash in the pan because even thought Kim Dotcom has managed to get this up and running quicker than many thought he would, he has in the process painted a massive target on his head. This may be a turning point with file sharing websites like Megaupload, Rapidshare, 4shared and others in the same way that the PirateBay was the turning point for Bittorrent. Because lets not beat around the bush here Mega.co.nz will be filled with more pirated and copyright infringing material than you can shake a stick at within the week. Only time will tell if it stays up.

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