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LACKRACK and enterprise kit at home

Ever wanted to use enterprise kit at home? A Cisco switch here a GL380 there? Of course you do! There are a couple of problems with this though. Firstly the noise. I don't know if you have ever taken a 2U rack mount server like the GL380 and plugged it in at home rather than the racks at the office. It turns out that it is ALOT louder than you think. 2 solid walls and I can still hear mine and the high pitched whirring that those tiny high speed fans make. Well I cannot give you a solution for this just yet. I think I need to build some sort of hacked together soundproofed box and try to pipe the heat out with a large extraction fan. I am think the same kind of setup that you may have with a tumble dryer.

There is one other obstacle that you can overcome though. This being how do you go about mounting this nice shiny enterprise kit in the home. You could but a normal rack, but these are big, cumbersome, heavy and quite frankly expensive. Thanks to the magic of our favourite retailer of Swedish flatpack furniture there is a solution in the form of a LackRack.

It turns out that the LACK series of coffee tables (available in numerous colours) fits your nice noisy rack mount enterprise kit so perfectly it looks like it was designed just for that reason alone. The even better news is they are only £5 in the UK! You could go down to the local IKEA and pick up 4 for less money than an evening meal in London.

A couple of mounting screws here and there on the legs and you have yourself a living room rack that is cheap, easy to assemble, looks good and to top it off. If you stack these on top of each other, expandable as your labs grow.

Here is a few examples, but what are you waiting for! Onward! To the Swedish designed hell maze that is IKEA. Just remember, once you enter, you cannot leave…. until you have seen everything!



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